The thing about these betting systems is that they cannot guarantee results without honestly explaining the worth of adequate research. For instance, several strategies for successful sport betting focus a lot on the odds assigned to the animals running the race.

These odds, however, can be very flexible and may even be significantly altered in the hours or minutes before any race opens. This means that the odds alone are not a reliable statistic from which to base any of the greyhound betting systems. This gives you plenty of wagering opportunities every day and lots of races to test your gambling skills. Some of the key factors to consider when finding a greyhound betting system that makes money are as follows:.

Greyhound racing offers several types of wagers to a punter to choose from. The number of specific wagers and their types vary from one country to another and even from one racing track to another. However, all wagers can be grouped into two main categories: straight and exotic bets.

More experienced gamblers and professional handicappers employ a wide range of wagers, which includes several types of exotic wagers.

The best way to approach greyhound racing betting is to first learn the top strategies for straight wagers and later progress to more complicated exotic wagers. Straight wagers are the easiest wagers to understand and make and that is why they are the most common wagers. This wager is often made when punters are hesitant about making a win bet. They feel that they have more chances of winning if they choose the place bet.

The punters who have a very low confidence in their betting skills usually go for this type of greyhound betting. The proceeds with the show wagers when they happen are usually very small. Because of that, if a selection is good for a show wager, it should be considered worth of a win or a place bet.

This will be a winning wager when your selection wins, places, or shows. If a selection comes first, across the board the bet will pay for all three win, place, and show bets. When a selection takes a second place, only a place and show wagers will collect.March 10, February 21, February 19, Let me show you how to always win football bets. Now… Read more. February 15, February 6, November 21, October 25, These are the top tips when betting on greyhound betting the… Read more.

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I get asked this… Read more. March 2, March 1, Want to know how to become a tennis betting expert?Acquiring the right knowledge on the best Greyhound betting systems can save you a lot of time while also earning you a lot more money in future bets. In order to put your money into better use, one must fully understand these systems and how they work. Unlike other sports where betting strategies can be long drawn out and complicated, the Greyhound betting strategies is straightforward.

There are several strategies one can adopt when placing a wager, however committing some time for research will support you in all your bets. Just like anything else, you will need to invest a certain amount of time into the sport to fully understand the ins and outs.

Ultimately, researching and studying the sport will only benefit your bets and your likelihood of winning. While reading through the Greyhound betting systems to win your next bet, you will soon come to realise that the odds allocated to the animals running the race are at times inaccurate. This is simply because the odds are susceptible to change in the hours leading up to the race. The odds alone are not very reliable, do not simply base your money on just odds. We will encourage research and patience in order to feel comfortable with the bet you have placed.

There are a few things to know before indulging in such bets.

greyhound tips system

These are important to take into consideration when placing bets and will get you started in greyhound betting. Firstly, before placing a bet on any dog, you will need to look up the Greyhound form. The Greyhound form gives you important information that will likely influence where you place the bet. Once you carefully analyse the information given through the form you will quickly learn who the favourites are and which dogs are most likely to place in the upcoming racing event. Similar to horse races, greyhound races have grades.

The grades signify if the dog is moving up or down the scale. The race grades will give you a clear idea of the dogs who have been performing poorly and those who are thriving. Be aware of dogs who quickly shoot up the grades as they will be up against faster dogs. Think of the trap as the handicapper in horse racing.

Incorporating these three factors into your betting systems will reinforce the possibility of a very profitable greyhound betting system.Every tip is sent instantly by SMS to your mobile phone allowing you to get your bets on at the best prices available. Hours of research every day by our experts provides you the best bets each day.

To give you the best chance of sucess, we rate every bet which then gets used in conjunction with our Staking Plan. For every punter that is successful, there are hundreds that are not. One of the reasons for this is you need to be disciplined to ensure that you protect your balance during down periods but allow it to grow during good periods.

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Greyhound Betting Systems To Win Your Next Bet

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One month of positive returns does not in any way guarantee the next. Members should be aware that betting is a form of gambling which is risky and members can lose their entire bet. There are no refunds on gambling monies lost or subscriptions. Pro Greyhound Tips is an advocate of responsible gambling.

greyhound tips system

Pro Greyhound Tips wants members to be in control of their gambling at all times and not allow members gambling to control them. Please ensure that when implementing Pro Greyhound Tips that members do so in a controlled manner with the key principle to only gamble what they can afford to lose.

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If gambling at any stage is starting to become a problem please contact Gambling Helpline on Race must have 8 starters. Absolutely no scratchings! Watch the odds at 2 minutes. Refresh for final 60 seconds 4. The pick is the Greyhound which is 3rd in the betting market. Only place a lay bet if the Greyhound odds are between 6. No more rules. You will notice that the rules for this greyhound system are a lot more simple than Michaels place lay formula rules for instance which takes a lot longer at times to find selections.

You can even use this as a trifecta system on your greyhound selections by leaving the 3rd favourite out of your selections and taking a flexi trifecta with the favourite, 2nd favourite, 4th favourite and 5th favourite only when the 3rd favourite is at between 6. The reason for this is that a lot of big punters and people with knowledge on these Greyhound Racing Tips tend to place a bet in the final 2 minutes before a race starts.

This means that you will even see a profit on level stakes betting. Click here for more Greyhound Systems. The Greyhound Predictor : Predict your own winners with this software. View speeds and distances travelled. See Greyhound Racing Tips as well as enter metres or yards and also the Greyhounds weight. The Greyhound Recorder : For all your latest news and greyhound racing tips in the Greyhound Industry. Professional Punting Systems Follow greyhoundsystem.

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Profit Maximiser Review Here is our full review of the Profit Maximiser by Mike Cruickshank — top reviewer of the Daisho Trading System PDF So you have stumbled across the Profit Maximiser because you have probably been searching the internet for the latest making money opportunities that are available this year.

The objective […]. Each Way Eddie Review Each Way Eddie is horse racing tipping service that provides selections and odds on horse racing. Using the Each Way Eddie service each horse that becomes a selection is put through a developed system formula to predict future winners based on past runs and other historic data.

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You […]. If you are looking for an increase in your income and would like to start earning that straight away then you might want to check out the 10X Method.

There will be no waiting around to get paid, you can literally withdraw some money after the first day if you want to. Is the Elite Betting Syndicate Legit?

Finding the Best Greyhound Betting System

The difference between the Elite Betting Syndicate and a lot of other tipster style services is that this is run by some of the best betting professionals in the business. We Review the Sequence Multiplier to show you whether or not this product is legit or a scam. This has now been relaunched as the Sequence Multiplier Tipping Service.Many years ago, when computers first began to come onto the scene, a group of math wizards developed a system of picking trifectas using only numbers.

Without using a program With NO handicapping whatsoever Without even knowing the first thing about dog racing or even going to a track, these geniuses figured out how to hit trifectas at one track in the country time after time.

How did they do it? They used a computer to "crunch" the results of thousands of races until it "told them" that the only factor that mattered at that track was "time". Nothing else had any effect on the outcome of the races. Of course, there was a secret formula you had to use to bet the dogs using time, which was where the Twenty-Three Twenty-Three One came in.

I know I sure would. Except that if you think about it, there were a few problems with this method. For one thing, who could bet every race on every program for a whole season? I couldn't. I know that things would happen and I'd miss some programs and screw up my profit.

And then there's the fact that all of the "proof" of this method was in the past, like most handicapping methods' proof is.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, just because something HAS happened doesn't mean that it WILL happen again or that it will happen consistently. It's good to check out any system on paper, which will give you an indication of whether it's likely to pan out. However, it's not a good idea to base any system on just one factor like time.

It just doesn't make sense. Unfortunately, that's what the buyers of this system found out when they tried to use the system at their track and even at the track where it had "proven" itself to work. For some unknown reason, the Golden Key System never seemed to pay off for the poor suckers who bought it because they believed the hype that the computer geeks put out about it. The group who came up with it made a bundle and then moved onto other endeavors and the Golden Key System slowly faded from the scene.

Every once in awhile, it resurfaces and makes some quick money for its seller and then disappears. Now, very few people even remember which track it was supposed to have worked at.

How To Bet On Greyhounds

Since the track is out of business, it wouldn't do them any good, even if the system DID work. This and other "gimmick" systems are proof that it's impossible to handicap dog races using only one factor and no "real" handicapping skill.

Greyhound Racing Tips

There are systems that work, but unlike The Golden Key, they take more than one factor into consideration and demand that the user at least know basic handicapping skills.

Greyhound Dog Racing Tips. Greyhound Dog Racing. Labels: greyhounddogracing. Newer Post Older Post Home.If you're a good punter. I mean really good. You must have a competitive advantage over the bookies. This week we spoke to professional greyhound punter Mark from Victoria, a. Interestingly, he obtains part of that advantage from the most basic statistic found on every punter's form guide. Most punters who proof their bets at theGreatTipOff.

A quick look at Lidpingers' statistics tells you immediately which category he falls under. Lidpingers is a 32 year old Victorian who has been around greyhounds before he could say the word.

With family in the industry and experience as both an owner and an administrator, he has an encyclopedia like knowledge of tracks, greyhounds and those little things that you only pick-up when you are deeply immersed in the sport, which ultimately gives him the edge over the bookies.

greyhound tips system

While the majority of Australian racing punters focus on thoroughbreds, Lidpingers explains why greyhound racing provides the best opportunity for punters to win. The human element in terms of how the race is run, which applies to other forms of racing and sports, is completely removed from dog racing.

Without the human element, greyhound racing is a lot more predictable which works in the punters favour, he goes on to say. Together with the significant amount of information available to the public these days, the predictability of the sport means punters have a better chance of picking winners and setting a truer market to identify runners that are over their true odds of winning. He acknowledges that greyhound punting, like most forms of betting, has some elements that you can't pick-up in your assessment.

Unknown injuries, overworked and distressed dogs exerting energy prior to jumping are just a few examples of those factors that fall into this category. These factors, he explains, are a lot less in numbers and significance compared to horse racing, harness racing and sport where a vast number of human factors come into play. No surprise to learn that Lidpingers puts in a mountain of work to drive the sort of success that punters are seeing at theGreatTipOff.

He doesn't use formulas or systems but rather a detailed knowledge of each greyhound, it's strengths, weaknesses and relative capability. Supported by continual review of racing footage which he confesses doesn't include every race, but enough to sufficiently maintain his knowledge of each runner in each race that he assesses.

The Victorian professional punter sets his own market but interestingly this is where he gets a competitive advantage over most bookmakers. He sets both a win and place market, which he points out is distinctly different in greyhound racing.

More on this in a moment. He pointed out to us that most bookmakers get lazy on the place market and usually set it according to a scale which is a factor of the win price. Lidpingers takes advantage of the bookies' lazy approach to setting place markets by setting his own. In doing this he notes that a greyhound's chances of placing is not necessarily proportional to its chance of winning. In fact he has identified some simple techniques to identify greyhounds who have a very small chance of winning the race but are one of the top chances of running a place, exposing the rule-of-thumb approach that bookies take to setting place markets.


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